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I made a mini-comic ~

2017-03-14 20:27:25 by HolyKonni

Hello there, I made a mini comic. Go ahead and read it here: https://tapastic.com/series/Down-by-the-lake or on Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/holykonni/down-by-the-lake  

:) have a nice day ~~


I'm making a webcomic!

2016-10-14 13:16:34 by HolyKonni

Hello NG,

long time no see! I've been busy creating a webcomic. It's about a city boy who gets lost in the forest. There, he meets all kinds of magical beings and animals and has to find his way out again.

I just finished drawnig the first chapter, and if you are interested in my progress, feel free to connect with me over at twitter where I'll be posting updates: https://twitter.com/KonstantinLoewe

The comic should be out in 2-3 months.

All the best,


NEW ALBUM: Fetushouse ~ chiptune

2013-04-08 06:18:28 by HolyKonni

"[CB001] Holy Konni - Fetushouse

Our first official release is from none other than my personal Artist of the Year for 2012 - Holy Konni. Extremely pleased to have him on the label and what a perfect release to start with. The bar has been set high!

1. Kate Moss Magic
2. Self Portrait 19
3. Vlieg Berg/Stop Nie
5. Natalie Reborn

CD: $7
Super high quality CD with awesome artwork from Love through Cannibalism, and a bizarre story by Konni about the cover art. All CD purchases include the digital download.

Digital download only: $3

EXTRAS: original piggy data files to see the methods behind Konni's brilliance!


PS: It's also on Spotify!
PPS: You can read a REVIEW here!

NEW ALBUM: Fetushouse ~ chiptune

New album coming soon + CD's!

2013-03-19 21:41:10 by HolyKonni

New Holy Konni album coming out soon~~ album art by Love Through Cannibalism.

you can expect a mix of roughly cut lo-fi samples, house-beats, ambient vibes and chiptune & glitch sounds. and chinese guitar and tropical instruments.

you can also expect real cd's!

stay updated at: http://www.facebook.com/HolyKonni

New album coming soon + CD's!

Here are some clips from my live chiptune rave show last week.

Get the album for free here: LINK!

1080p ganster

NEW ALBUM: lgpt_princess (Chiptune/Rave/Dance) free stream+spotify

2012-08-07 16:04:44 by HolyKonni

Helo my name is Holy Konni and I made this lgpt chiptune 8 bit rave album called [b] lgpt_princess[/b] . Thanks for listening!

You can stream/download on bandcamp, and also hear this album on Spotify, if you're into that instead. :)



Music by Holy Konni
Recorded at Musho Studios
Released by hemligkaka.net
Shouts out to littlegptracker.com
Shouts out to Musho
Shouts out to DJ JAMAL
Shouts out to DJ Jaffar
Shouts out to Pictureplane

NEW ALBUM: lgpt_princess (Chiptune/Rave/Dance) free stream+spotify

I made a new tumblr called http://finablommor.tumblr.com/ . Fina blommor is swedish and means pretty flowers. This blog is all about flowers.

Please follow!! :D thanks

Follow my new tumblr that is about pretty flowers!!

Hi guys! Please listen to my new chiptune song:

Thank you!


New chiptune song uploaded to newgrounds!

New Website and Castle Crashers PSN

2012-01-17 13:50:57 by HolyKonni

Re-made the website with musho. You can find it here:
HOLYKONNI.COM as usual, all albums are free for download.

If you want you can try to refresh the page and see how the images change! :3

I also bought Castle Crashers on PSN, which is great, since I've been a fan of Dan Paladins art since I was a little kid. Sadly I only have one controller, and when trying to play online I found that all other people were level 50+ and whatnot, and there I was, level 2, trying to survive. hehe. I guess I just need to buy another controller.

Thanks for stopping by.

PS: heres a video of me playing a show at Level Up in Malmö: